A time and place for togetherness and friendship


For many years now we have opened our doors on Thursdays to anyone (of "a certain age"!) who is looking for a bit of friendship and fun. The Pensioners' Club provides a warm and welcome atmosphere, with light lunch, bingo and snooker! Everyone is very welcome to come along - no booking necesary!
it all started when we moved into our new Church, and were thinking about the ways in which we could use our new spaces. One of the desires in creating the Atrium was that it could be used as a "social space" for a variety of groups, and one group that we particularly wanted to welcome was the elderly. We started off as an "over-75s" group, which didn't work! So we decided to lower the age range and simply welcome anyone who was a "pensioner". Since then the group has grown and met almost every Thursday for several years. This is thanks to a large numberof volunteer parishioners, who attend on a rota basis to prepare lunch, teach the mysteries of snooker or bingo, or just be around to chat and make people feel at home!

The Pensioners' Club meets every Thursday from 11.00 a.m. to about 2.00 p.m. Light lunches (soup and sandwiches) are available from 12.00 noon; tea and coffee and biscuits are served throughout. EVERYONE IS WELCOME!
If you would like to volunteer to help at the Pensioners' Club, please get in touch with the Parish Office (0161 724 1765) during working hours. Thank you!